How to care for your Barrier textile Huggles products

We use a high quality medical grade barrier textile on our Nest Lounger, mattress pal and Pillow pal products. This breathable textile has a multi layer Polycarbonate Polyurethane coating which is breathable, anti-microbial & anti-fungal. 

To avoid premature degradation of the surface coating never use an abrasive cloth, abrasive sponge or other similar device on the surface.

  • The normal cleaning instructions are to wipe the surface clean with a sponge or cloth with warm  soapy water
  • Can be washed in warm soapy water at up to 95°C.
  • Do not use solvent
  • Can be autoclaved at a temperature of 134°C for 3 minutes. However, care must be taken to first  clean the surface with pure water and then to make sure mattresses are not stacked on top of each  other without any air gap separation. Spacers should be placed between mattresses when a number  of them are being autoclaved at the same time.
  • Dry-cleanable with all dry cleaning fluids except trichloroethylene.Can be tumble dried provided the    operator ensures it is removed as soon as all moisture is removed
  • Must not be left sitting on the heated bowl of the dryer when drying is complete
  • Do not mangle
  • Do not iron
  • Store in a cool dry area.


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