Easy Clean Mattress Protector


The simplest solution to protect your families beds, keep them germ free and reduce dust mite exposure. Our unique barrier textile can easily be wiped clean and dries fast ensuring those 2 am wake ups don't impact your sleep.

Available in a range of sizes from Cot to Queen. 

    If bed is soiled simply, remove sheet, spray and wipe mattress protector with a household disinfectant product (no bleach), wipe dry and replace sheet. 


    • 45% Polyamide, 55% polyurethrane (antimicrobial treated)
    • Closed to bacteria, resistant to blood, urine, oil and fat
    • Effective against MRSA
    • Water proof
    • Breathable
    • Used in Medical and Acute settings
    • Machine washable and tumble dry safe (do not let sit in drum)