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MedProtect - Wipe Clean fitted Mattress Protector

MedProtect - Wipe Clean fitted Mattress Protector

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Tired of those 2 AM wake-ups due to bed mishaps? Say goodbye to sleepless nights and mounds of laundry with our Eco-friendly MedProtect- Wipe Clean Mattress Protector.

Key Features

Superior Protection: Made from 45% polyamide and 55% polyurethane, our mattress protector is antimicrobial-treated, blocking bacteria and resisting blood, urine, oil, and fat. It's also effective against MRSA.

Medical-Grade Durability: Waterproof and breathable, our bi-elastic protector ensures a quiet, non-PVC surface that moves with you.

Effortless Cleaning: In case of spills or accidents, simply remove the sheet, wipe the mattress protector with a household disinfectant (no bleach), wipe dry, and replace the sheet. It's machine washable and tumble dry safe, ensuring quick and easy maintenance.

Custom Fit: Proudly made in New Zealand, our protectors can be tailored to fit any size mattress, including non-standard sizes. Whether you need protection for a bed, caravan, boat, couch, or chair, we've got you covered.

Why Choose Our Easy Clean Mattress Protector?

- Hygienic and Safe: Keeps your family's beds germ-free, reducing dust mite exposure.
- Peace of Mind:  Designed to withstand the rigors of everyday life, providing a reliable barrier against contaminants.
- Perfect for Families: Ensures those 2 AM wake-ups don't impact your sleep, thanks to its fast-drying and easy-to-clean properties.

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You may be asking yourself these questions

Here are the most frequent questions we are asked

Does this product make a crinkly noise?

No, all our products are made using a medical grade bi-elastic textile which is breathable, NON- PVC and has a multidirectional stretch. Unlike PVC vinyl mattress protectors which can be noisy when you move on them our range is quiet.

How do I clean the mattress protector?

You can wipe any of our barrier textile products with warm soapy water, household detergent (does not contain any bleach) or machine wash. 

Do you notice the blue under the sheet?

This is not a problem any of our customers have experienced and will not be noticeable under standard cotton white sheets.