Grow with me - Nest Lounger


Hand made Made in New Zealand

Created to provide a portable, safe and comfortable lounger. Designed to grow with your child.

Each component of Huggles has been chosen to create a functional, versatile, high-quality lounger which is easy for parents to keep clean and tag along with you on your family adventures.


  • 85cm x 85cm x 15cm 
  • 45% Polyamide, 55% polyurethane (antimicrobial treated)
  • Closed to bacteria, resistant to blood, urine, oil and fat
  • Effective against MRSA
  • Used in Medical and Acute medical settings
  • 100% cotton 

We are able to make custom covers depending on fabric availability. Price may vary on custom covers depending on fabric requested.

This product is designed and made in New Zealand