How Home of Huggles began....

I am the luckiest mommy in the world. My son is brave, confident, funny, smart and kind. His mind is curious and if I don't have the answers he knows to ask google. I am proud of the person he is becoming especially after all the challenges he has had to face in his life. This is our kidney journey.

When I was 20 weeks pregnant I found out that my son was going to be born with a single kidney. When he was born it landed up being a little more complicated as he had severe hydronephrosis. This is essentially dilation of the renal pelvis and calyces of the kidney as a result of obstruction to urine flow downstream. With a single kidney this was really serious as the pressure was inhibiting his kidney to grow and damaging it at the same time. Our rollercoaster ride began and at 5 weeks old he was in theatre to have a his first operation. There were many procedures, ultrasounds and operations for a few years following his diagnosis, each one giving us a better understanding of the dynamics of his urinary tract system. 

While other moms were worried about how many teeth their little ones had, I was racing in between appointments to make sure that I got everything done within 3 hours to do the next catheter or sitting in day-stay at starship because something went wrong and we were added to the surgical list. Life was hard, but we also had SO many beautiful moments. I have a sound affect for every medical device and to this day refer to a thermometer as a BEEP BEEP. We rode on the merry go round, time with play specialists, radio lollipop, painting , decorating our hospital room and exploring the hospital together. we always knew we were on the up when we could escape the hospital and feed the ducks in the domain. I don't know how many generals my son has had, some were for bigger procedures, others for fitting a stent or inserting a catheter. Last time I asked an anaethetist it came to 30, but his surgeon thought it was probably more.

Our kidney journey continues but my son is doing really well and we are able to ensure his kidney is growing from his last big procedure where they created a mitrofanoff stoma. We love our stoma, it is amazing and we know that it is going to help my son continue to grow into a healthy young man. He has a good understanding of his medical journey and is super confident. We also have so many friends at starship and the quirkiest routines when we go for check ups. 

As a full time working mom, I needed as much help as I could get to be present but also be-able to meet the demands of my career. We have been blessed with amazing family support which got even better when my parents moved to NZ. My mom became my rock. She would be at Starship every morning at 7am and leave at 5pm. This gave me the opportunity to focus on work from my sons hospital bed side. It also presented an opportunity for my mom to whip out her sewing skills and custom make me things that we needed that were not available on the market.  

"Mom I need like a big pillow for when we are at home recovering... something that I can easily keep clean and is really comfortable.. and I want to take it everywhere with me so he always has a safe place to relax or sleep. Moaning about how many times I have to wash the mattress protector because we had another catheter leak... the list went on... " and my mom started making the most awesome life changing products for me. 

This is where Home of Huggles was born.... When we realised the difference these products were making to my life we knew that this would be a great little business venture for my mom. She is an integral team member on our kidney journey and Home of Huggles provides her with the opportunity to be independant and also help us when we need her most. We do hope that you love our products and they make your daily challenges a little bit easier to.....


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