I desperately needed a better bedding protection solution to save time and washing loads...

Hi There! Welcome to our Home of Huggles Family!

My name is Chev and I co-founded Home of Huggles with my mum Sharon in 2018 after exhausting all mattress protection options on our Kidney Kid journey.

family business in new Zealand, we solved our problem by creating a solution


As a busy mum to a son with medical needs, I was exhausted from the loads of washing regularly created from catheter leaks. The most frustrating part was the amount of time required for them to dry, occasionally getting caught out and using towels out of desperation (which only made it worse at times because I would land up having to wash a mattress). I needed help.

The AHA! moment

It happened during one of my sons stays at Starship Childrens hospital.  My son was playing with play dough in his hospital bed. He made a mini aeroplane and was zooming it around and accidentally  bumped it into a cup of water, causing it to spill all over his bed. A nurse came in to help us change the sheets. It was quick, easy and we all had a laugh about the collision that had happened. 

An easier bedwetting solution

It was quick and easy to change the bedding. We removed the sheets, wiped down the bed, watched it dry and put clean sheets on. Despite the minor setback, his spirits remained high and he continued creating more objects from his imagination... with his water now moved a safer distance away.  

Home f Huggles was inspired from one of our many starship hospital stays

Home Huggles was born

I pulled together my background in MEDICAL DEVICES, EXPERIENCES AS A BUSY MUM OF A CHILD WITH MEDICAL NEEDS and MY MUMS SEWING SKILLS, and we worked on a design that could make it possible for you to get the best WATERPROOF BEDDING PROTECTION possible. Since then we’ve made a range that that can be customised for people toilet training, bedwetters and incontinence whilst being mindful of budgets.

Now we ship our NZ MADE easy clean mattress and pillow protection products all over New Zealand and Australia. We’ve had amazing feedback from customers who tell us their purchase of our easy clean bedding products changed their life.

"Such an AMAZING product. Has been life changing for my little ones and me AND has given some dignity back to my 90+ Father in Law!!! Thank you SO much xxx" Kerri


  “I purchased an easy clean mattress protector custom size for our caravan, as my son is a heavy bed wetter. It was amazing! It doesn’t let moisture through yet it doesn’t feel like he’s sleeping on plastic - it’s a lovely soft texture. There was no constantly changing and having to wash the mattress protector as you just wipe it clean. And I have quick dry sheets so it made it so much easier while travelling around. Now that I’ve tried it and love it I’m going to purchase another one for his bed at home.The process to purchase was simple, communication was great. I highly recommend.” Katrina

Taking back control on bedwetting journeys

I love being able to run a business with my mum that has made my life easier and helped people of all ages experiencing the same struggles we once did. Our goal is to help everyone feel more confident and in control of their unique bedwetting journeys. I’m also big on communication, so if there’s ever a problem with your order, or you’ve got a question, send me a message and we’ll sort it.

Drop me a line if you’ve got any questions about the range. I’d love to help.

Oh and which BEDDING PROTECTION PRODUCT is my favourite?

It’s got to be this  one at home and this one when I travel for work.  

Which is almost the same as the starship hospital bed we cleaned all those years ago.

- Chev

 (Who wants a Easy clean mattress protector  now :D)

Let us help you remove the frustration and improve confidence with toilet training, bed wetting and incontinence.