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Sleepy Sundays Instant Blackout Blinds 100% blackout guaranteed.

Sleepy Sundays Instant Blackout Blinds 100% blackout guaranteed.

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Forget Sticky Tape, Blue Tack or Pins.

These sheets leave no residue, mess or trace behind. They are perfect for travelers, holidaymakers, rental homes or those who hate mess!  

Static Stick Technology.

It was that simple. This patent-protected technology places a static charge on each blackout sheet. Allowing it to cling to any clean window surface. No mess or residue to clean up, just roll and go. 

What’s in the Bag?

Each roll contains 25 sheets (600mm x 800mm) of statically charged reusable blackout material. Generally enough to cover 12 standard double-sized windows. 

Each sheet is completely customizable.

To any windows, no matter the obscure shape or size. Each sheet can be cut to fit the exact dimensions of your windows or overlapped to cover larger surfaces with ease.

Going away? No problem.

Each set of blackout sheets includes a handy travel bag. No matter if you’re going for just one night or roaming the world for months on end. You can bring your best nights sleep with you. 

They’re made from 100% recyclable material

So not only are they clever, but they’re kind on the environment too.

How It Works

These blackout sheets are award-winning and life-changing. Designed and manufactured in Europe, this patented technology uses nothing but static to cling to your windows. Simply put up as needed and remove again in seconds. Pack them for your holiday, grandma’s house or keep them at home. You can rest easy knowing restful sleep can be yours, anywhere.

Step one

Remove your blackout roll from the packaging and gently tear or cut along the perforation line.

Step two

Fit to your windows, great or small. Cut to size for smaller windows or for bigger surfaces overlap sheets to create complete darkness.

Step three

Apply the sheets to clean windows, free from dust and little ones fingerprints. No adhesives required. Now rest easy in your newly created, sleep sanctuary.


Your Purchase Is Responsible for Planting One Tree! 

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You may be asking yourself these questions

Here are the most frequent questions we are asked

Does this product make a crinkly noise?

No, all our products are made using a medical grade bi-elastic textile which is breathable, NON- PVC and has a multidirectional stretch. Unlike PVC vinyl mattress protectors which can be noisy when you move on them our range is quiet.

How do I clean the mattress protector?

You can wipe any of our barrier textile products with warm soapy water, household detergent (does not contain any bleach) or machine wash. 

Do you notice the blue under the sheet?

This is not a problem any of our customers have experienced and will not be noticeable under standard cotton white sheets.