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100% blackout blinds Collab with It's my party

It is not everyday that you get to do an awesome collaboration with a super cool local business to test out a product, get their tick of approval and some video content.

We wanted to give our Sleepy Sunday 100% blackout blinds the biggest challenge... turning a room completely dark during the day for a disco to be hosted. Who better to reach out to in our community than It's my party who regularly set up disco events at all times of the day. Natalie from It's my party was excited to work with us and test out our blackout blinds. 

The first time we heard of It's my party was in 2020, when we were slowly coming out of life in lockdown and they were promoting their business on our community pages. I forget which level we were in at the time but businesses were allowed to do contactless drop offs however we all still had to stay in our bubbles. Bored with the daily walks, trying to stay sane and needing a break from the mundane we booked a DIY disco kit for our bubble party at home. It was the best idea ever and we will never forget the refresh that nights party gave our family.

So how did the 100% blackout blinds test go? It's my party were so happy with the ease of use of the blinds and effectiveness that they decided to start using them themselves. This was the biggest thumbs up and so much more that we expected from our collaboration.

 The reassurance for ourselves is that if these blinds can be used to create a disco during the day, they are great option for people who are sleep trying little ones, shift workers and anyone else needing blackout blinds. They are economical, customisable, made from 100% recyclable material and each purchase is responsible for planting one tree!

Forget sticky tape, blue tack or pins because they leave no residue, mess or trace behind. they are perfect for travellers, holidaymakers, rental homes or those that hate mess. We have also been told that these get used on film sets to create the perfect blackout for the cameras.... 



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