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Home Sweet Huggles

As a small e-commerce business we have focused more on designing and manufacturing our products, getting social media savvy and building an online presence than we have on our packaging. We knew that this required attention to build our vision of Home of Huggles. 

There is so much to learn when creating your own brand it can quickly become overwhelming when you are a small business. On the daily we are learning new tips and tricks on how to improve our marketing, making our websites more user friendly and the most effective ways to reach our target audience. We work hard to create something unique for the market and be a jack of all things e-commerce. When it came to packaging our product though we were a little stumped on trying to figure out how best to wrap it up and create a great unique experience for our customers. 

Product packaging is important to smaller online businesses. It's our opportunity to stand out and share more about who we are with our customers. Unlike bigger corporate brands we have limited budgets and smaller volumes. This can make our grand vision a little unobtainable however it also affords us the opportunity to get savvy with more cost effective options.

We knew that an important first step for our packaging would be a great sticker. Custom stickers tell a story of your business and create a cohesive brand impression. We wanted something that would incorporate not only our logo but be a greeting and an extension of who we are.

In the whirlwind of searching for the best next step to create our sticker we received a mail from Stickerdot. It was like the universe had sent them to us knowing we were in the depths of google searches and disarray. Like saviours they helped us design a sticker for our business. What we really love about Stickerdot is that they are a New Zealand based online custom sticker printing service. A one-stop-shop for labels, business cards, swing tags and so much more. I have never experienced such an efficient, cost effective and speedy service. Even better is that their shipment is free and the team are wonderful at communicating.

Stickerdot have a variety of material and size options available; Vinyl stickers, paper stickers, luxurious premium stickers all in a variety of cuts.  Thankfully their website is easy to navigate and has just the right amount of information to not feel buried in decision. We chose, with their guidance and expertise a paper sticker option that would add a “pop” to our packaging. Not only did we choose a pinkish colour which is so different to our usual blue branding, but we thought a rectangular shape would be more in line with reinforcing the strength of the foundations of a home.

When it came to what to put on our sticker we wanted to make our product feel like it had found its home and our customer feel like they had just received a big thank you huggle from us… HOME SWEET HUGGLES is our new slogan (direct result of creating this sticker) and it encapsulates who we are to the tee.

We received our stickers in record timing and were so happy with the final product. Not only has it made our packaging pop but it really reinforces what Home of Huggles is about. We are looking so forward to seeing our customers reaction.

Thank you Stickerdot. for simplifying this process for us. You can check them out at the following link :) www.stickerdot.co.nz



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