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Easy Clean Mattress Protector + Winged absorbent sheet Combo

Easy Clean Mattress Protector + Winged absorbent sheet Combo

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Our Easy Clean Mattress Protector + Winged Absorbent Sheet Combo features a mattress protector that is spot cleanable and always stays on the bed. Made with bi-elastic medical grade fabric, it is both quiet and reliable. Perfect for bedwetting, incontinence and toilet training.


  • Includes one Easy Clean Mattress Protector and two Comfort winged absorbent sheets (75 cm length)

Easy clean mattress protector

  • 45% Polyamide, 55% polyurethrane (antimicrobial treated)
  • Closed to bacteria, resistant to blood, urine, oil and fat 
  • Effective against MRSA
  • Water proof
  • Breathable
  • Bi- elastic as used in medical settings
  • Quiet and non noisy (NON -PVC)
  • Machine washable and tumble dry safe 
  • Multidirectional stretch 

Winged Absorbent Sheet

  • Made from 100% cotton terry towelling 
  • Absorbent
  • Comfortable for various heights  as 75 cm length
  • Width varies depending on bed size
  • Flush edges for improved comfort
  • Place under sheet to increase confidence and more discreet
  • Wings to tuck into sides 
  • Designed and made in NZ
  • Purchase includes two comfort winged soak sheets

    To ensure your mattress is always protected and cleanup is easier we have separated the waterproof and absorbent layers. The drying time of the winged absorbent layer is faster to standard mattress protectors as no waterproof backing

     Simple to use 

    Place easy clean fitted mattress protector over mattress and add winged absorbent  sheet. When there is an accident, remove the winged soak sheet and wipe the easy clean Mattress protector. You can replace with second winged absorbent sheet.

    Custom made in New Zealand

    We are able to make you the perfect fitting product but do need your help with measurements if your mattress is thicker or not a standard NZ bed size. This also means we are able to custom make any size surface you are wanting to cover.. caravan, boat, couch or chair... we have you covered

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    You may be asking yourself these questions

    Here are the most frequent questions we are asked

    Does this product make a crinkly noise?

    No, all our products are made using a medical grade bi-elastic textile which is breathable, NON- PVC and has a multidirectional stretch. Unlike PVC vinyl mattress protectors which can be noisy when you move on them our range is quiet.

    How do I clean the mattress protector?

    You can wipe any of our barrier textile products with warm soapy water, household detergent (does not contain any bleach) or machine wash. 

    Do you notice the blue under the sheet?

    This is not a problem any of our customers have experienced and will not be noticeable under standard cotton white sheets.