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Childrens Nest Lounger

Childrens Nest Lounger

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Grow with me nest loungers are designed to provide comfort and safety for children of all ages. The waterproof fabric ensures worry-free use, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments. Its size allows it to grow with your child, providing a comfortable place to rest and relax.

Hand made Made in New Zealand

Provides a portable, safe and comfortable lounger for kids of all ages. Designed to grow with your child.

Each component of Huggles has been chosen to create a functional, versatile, high-quality lounger which is easy for parents to keep clean and tag along with you on your family adventures.


  • 85cm x 85cm x 15cm 
  • 45% Polyamide, 55% polyurethane (antimicrobial treated)
  • Closed to bacteria, resistant to blood, urine, oil and fat
  • Effective against MRSA
  • Used in Medical and Acute medical settings


100% cotton - woodlands, mustard with yellow rainbows, iron, strawberry, cornflower, grey and white cloud

Teddy fleece polyester - Teddy Latte, Teddy moon grey, Teddy vanilla

This product is designed and made in New Zealand

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Here are the most frequent questions we are asked

Does this product make a crinkly noise?

No, all our products are made using a medical grade bi-elastic textile which is breathable, NON- PVC and has a multidirectional stretch. Unlike PVC vinyl mattress protectors which can be noisy when you move on them our range is quiet.

How do I clean the mattress protector?

You can wipe any of our barrier textile products with warm soapy water, household detergent (does not contain any bleach) or machine wash. 

Do you notice the blue under the sheet?

This is not a problem any of our customers have experienced and will not be noticeable under standard cotton white sheets.